What age is RAR Premium best for?

Glad you asked!

The program is set up like a feast, so you just take whatever parts are best for your kids’ ages. No matter whether you have all young kids, all teens, or a wide age range of kids, we have plenty for you in Premium.

Each quarter, we read a novel as part of our Family Book Club, and every month, we feature a picture book. There's something for everyone!

We choose books for our Family Book Club that appeal to a wide range of ages because we believe that families connect when whole families share the read-aloud experience.

YOU, of course, are a very important part of the equation, so we’ve got a few things for you, too. Our life-giving Master Classes and Mama Book Clubs are created with the busy homeschooling mom in mind. Be refreshed while you learn to teach from rest and lead with confidence.

If you want to connect with your kids through books, there is something in RAR Premium for your family.

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