How do you choose the books you recommend at RAR?

Here at RAR, recommending books is tricky business—everyone has different taste, after all! We all also have a unique set of standards for the books we want to hand to our kids.

Here at RAR, we choose books that share these characteristics:

  • offers both kids and parents a delightful read-aloud experience
  • leaves the reader with hope
  • appeals to a child visually and with rich and varied vocabulary
  • gives an expansive experience of God's world and the people in it

Of course, we all have different taste, so we implore you to follow your own God-given instincts when selecting books for your kids. You know your own child, family, and values better than we do. 

If you disagree with a book recommendation we've given, we encourage you to be discerning and choose something else. 

Over 100,000 families around the world actively use the RAR booklists—we aren't going to get it right for everyone, every time. 

More than anything, we hope the books on our lists will help you see the world afresh, lead to wonderful discussions, fill you with hope, and inspire you and your children to love God and love people with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

Happy reading!

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