Which homeschool curriculum do you recommend?

Answer: Whichever you can use and still like your kids at the end of the day. ;) 

All joking aside, the truth is that the best curriculum is the one you actually use

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Here's what I wish I could tell myself back at the beginning of my homeschooling journey (and my oldest is now a senior in high school...so it's been awhile!):

Curriculum doesn't matter as much as you think it does, but your relationship with your kids matters more than you think it does.

There are so many wonderful published resources available to you. Whichever math or history or phonics program you use is probably going to work out just fine, as long as you remember that your curriculum is your tool, not your master.

The key tends to lie in keeping your curriculum and your schedule simple, and realizing that you're better at this than you think you are. (I promise you are.)

Most of us would do well to do fewer subjects, smile at our kids more (it's hard some days, right?), and make sure we've built in some Just Because We Can Days so that we actually enjoy this homeschooling gig.

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